by admin / 13 Feb, 2021

Global Supply Chain Technology Trends – 2021 Predictions

Join us over the next few weeks as we cover 5 key global supply chain technology trends in 2021 that we believe, can help businesses and organisations better prepare for the future. Key topics include the following:

  • Robotic Goods to Person Systems
  • The rise of real time visibility platforms
  • Increase in usage of end to end control towers
  • Dedicated technology roles in supply chain organisations
  • AI and Advanced Analytics in Supply Chains

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most disruptive events in recent history for global supply chains. Fluctuations in supply and demand as a result, have led to capacity constraints making ocean freight operations harder. The uncertainty and volatility has left embattled organizations reeling to deal with the unprecedented yet significant impact onto their businesses.
A key lesson that emerged from the pandemic is that technology adoption has become more than a latent function for organizations to innovate – it has become a necessity to improve preparedness and lay down the infrastructure required to mitigate potential risks moving forward.