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The Rise of Robotic Goods-to-Persons Robotic Systems, 2021 Global Supply Chain Technology Trends

Workers working in warehouses and distribution centres pose a high risk to disease transmission, especially if there are no effective measures in place to enforce social distancing. To overcome this, many technologies, of note Goods to Persons (G2P) Systems are increasingly being utilised.

The adoption of G2P systems come in various forms, spanning granular tracking of employee movement to other controversial approaches. One of the more invasive approaches would be to track employees’ every move with technology; however this is considered heavy-handed, with unions and advocacy groups strongly discouraging this type of oversight.

Taking a dual pronged approach instead, to address both the needs for social distancing and operational efficiency will likely be more popular. For example, the use of human-virus-resistant automation, like robots, to move goods around enables soft enforcement of social distancing, and at the same time, automates processes, improves productivity and reduces intensive manual labour.
Increased demand for robotics in warehousing is expected as companies seek to ‘pandemic-proof’ warehouse operations and at the same time improve efficiency.

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