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Advanced Visibility
Shipment & Order Management

Manage and track shipments at order level easily in one place.

Multimodal Track & Trace
Container and Vessel (Satellite)
End-to-End Coverage

Get granular visibility with transhipment events; and integrate with first and last mile service providers for full coverage.

Incident Management

Weather events, port congestions and geo-political events.

Share Shipment Status

Allow clients and partners to easily keep track and view live statuses of any shipment with a shipment link.

Predictive ETAs

Mitigate schedule changes and disruptions with realistic and reliable arrival times that are predicted based on real-time locations, routes, congestion, weather events, and historical lane performance.

Freight Booking

Send booking requests to contracted forwarders or carriers via the platform.

Workflow Governance

Stay on task when you streamline and digitalise existing manual processes. Collaborate effectively with suppliers, vendors, and customers on a unified workflow with automated notifications.

Exception Alerts

Configure real-time alerts to notify key stakeholders of shipment milestones, potential delays, incomplete documentation, upcoming tasks, weather, or incident updates.

Document Repository

Organise, store and share files securely with colleagues, vendors, and customers on a centralised cloud repository with a complete audit trail of user activity.

Message Board

Discuss, highlight, and resolve shipment issues on the message board with all stakeholders involved.

Spend Management
Contract Rate Management

Reduce errors and improve governance when you digitalise contract rate management.

Freight Audit

Verify freight invoices digitally so that you only pay for what you should.

Free Trade Agreement

Search from an exhaustive list of global FTAs and input invoice amount to pick an FTA that will give you the highest potential savings.

Global Sailing Schedules

Get sailing schedules across all major ocean carriers to choose the most suitable vessel for your shipment.

Forwarder Performance

Evaluate forwarders based on the agreed commitment and measure metrics that are key to your business such as shipment timeliness, data accuracy, and service responsiveness.

Vendor Performance

Review suppliers’ ability to fulfil your Purchase Orders by managing your orders and shipments on one unified platform.

Spend Analytics

Gain visibility into your freight spend, reveal hidden cost, and identify opportunities to reduce costs across various segments of your freight operations.

Inbound, CFS & Outbound Performance

Get operational metrics at all touchpoints across the international transportation process.

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The Platform Trusted By Global Supply Chains
It was an easy decision to go global with Tramés Freight Booking Visibility Solution after the pilot deployment in 2 zones. The configurability of the solution facilitates adaptability to various local workflows, and their agility is making the digital transformation journey so easy and quick for us.
Shawn Chew
Director Global Procurement
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