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Luxury Fragrance
Deployment Speed
4 months
Core Features
Data Connectivity
Workflow Orchestration
Real-Time Cargo & Vessel Tracking
Smart Analytics
Spend Management
Order Level Monitoring
Amouage is a luxury perfumery house founded in the Sultanate of Oman in 1983. They are renowned for creating some of the world's most exceptional fragrances which are handcrafted in their factory located in Muscat. Amouage creations are available in more than 80 countries across 12 standalone boutiques and approximately 1000 of the world’s finest department stores, perfumeries and airports.
Aligning service quality with the established standards of brand reputation and product quality is crucial in logistics and supply chain management. This multifaceted concept encompasses various elements, all aimed at delivering efficient, reliable, and customer-centric logistics services. However, traditional methods like Excel, emails, and relying on updates from freight forwarders served logistics operations well in the past.
In order to remain competitive today, Amouage needs a solution that can meet the evolving expectations of modern customers who demand real-time visibility, accuracy, efficiency, and transparency.
Amouage leveraged Tramés to establish a dedicated digital freight ecosystem to facilitate the seamless connection and communication between its forwarders, suppliers and customers. By unifying all stakeholders on one platform, Amouage is able to achieve the highest degree of optimisation and automation in its supply chain management, benefiting every stakeholder within its supply chain ecosystem.
End-to-End Order &
Shipment Visibility

Integration with Amouage

This integration captures order details and documents which enables Amouage to efficiently manage orders from the time of order placement to delivery. This consolidated approach provides Amouage with a comprehensive view of both orders and shipments, and is configured with strict access controls for sharing with customers and forwarders.

Automated Shipment
Booking & Updates

Integration with Forwarders

Seamless integration with the forwarders allows Amouage to directly book a job and access real-time access to shipment status and updates. Amouage can also easily monitor SLA compliance and implement digital SOPs to optimise workflows. The integration not only eliminates the waiting time for replies and confirmation, but it also reduces forwarders’ workload and negates the need for Amouage to establish a dedicated integration tech team.

Real-Time Shipment
Updates & Tracking

The Tramés platform automatically reads the shipment updates to generate carrier and satellite tracking data of the cargo and containers. This comprehensive tracking data is made available to all stakeholders on the platform, or via automated notifications to enhance overall visibility.

Optimised Payment Process
& Cost Monitoring

For complete overview of freight spend with all of its forwarders, Amouage used Tramés spend management and workflow orchestration tools to set up a digital SOP for approving freight invoices (which are automatically retrieved from the forwarder’s system). This keeps Amouage's logistics and finance teams, as well as forwarders, informed about invoice status and deviations.

Increased Reliability &
Transparency for Customers

Increased transparency Amouage's customers regarding shipment status, progress, and delays, leads to enhanced service quality and greater satisfaction. By leveraging Tramés automated notification feature, Amouage is also able to streamline logistics and customer service operations and enjoy valuable time savings.

Automated Analytics

Dashboards and charts are now automatically generated and continuously updated in real-time. The Tramés platform processes extensive data, converting it into useful and actionable insights curated for different user groups. This enhances freight operations and empowers Amouage to make more informed strategic decisions.

Central Source of Data & Documents

A centralised approach ensures that all relevant stakeholders are able to easily retrieve critical documents. This also enhances overall data management efficiency when a comprehensive and organised record of all shipment-related information is maintained.

We needed a solution to connect our supply chain and improve our freight operations and management. With Tramés, we were able to seamlessly integrate internal and external data to manage all aspects of freight on one platform which enabled actionable data analytics.
Steve Walden
Operations Director
Soufyan Tchiche
Global Customer Service
and Logistics Director

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Tramés is a comprehensive logistics management solution designed to give shippers complete control and visibility over their freight transport operations. Our agnostic platform digitises and streamlines logistics processes by integrating fragmented data, legacy systems, and a diverse network of partners for a highly efficient supply chain.

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