Binal Provides Shipment Visibility to Clients
Through Structured Data Open API Integration

Logistics System Provider
Deployment Speed
1 month
Visibility for End Clients
Core Features
Visibility API
Founded in 1979, Binal provides international Import-Export systems to multinational shippers and cargo owners across Asia. They offer digital solutions to meet the logistics needs of corporates – from shipping document creation to customs clearance support and tax calculation.
Obtaining structured track-and-trace event milestones through integration
Track-and-trace event milestones vary greatly as it comes from multiple sources – ocean carriers, air carriers, express carriers and NVOCCs. Due to its complexity, organising and structuring these data in the backend is a challenge to most solution providers.
Real-Time Shipment Visibility
There was a need to complement Binal’s systems with accurate and reliable shipment visibility information so that customers using Binal’s suite of solutions can relay delivery commitments to their own customers and better plan re-ordering processes.
For Binal's platform to offer seamless shipment tracking, it is crucial to have an open API that supplies structured milestones. With Tramés Open API for Visibility, Binal has since been able to furnish their clients with precise and valuable tracking information.
Easy Integration

Go-live within a month.

Customisable Milestones

Ensure that clients receive only the pertinent information necessary to effectively manage their supply chain.

Best-in-Class Tracking

With a blend of satellite and carrier data, Binal’s clients can track container-level events and the vessel’s location in real-time.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Clients now have access to valuable information resulting in greater satisfaction and retention.

Easier Sell-Through

Essential to many supply chains, the ability to track shipments on Binal’s platform makes the solution more appealing and enhances their sales process.

Our trading platform serves many customers, and – thanks to Tramés Real-Time Visibility Module – we are now able to provide our users with transparent vessel and container tracking capabilities. The solution is now an integral part of our core solution, providing extended track-and-trace capabilities, and proactively updating our customers.
Aoyama Shinji
General Manager

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Tramés is a comprehensive logistics management solution designed to give shippers complete control and visibility over their freight transport operations. Our agnostic platform digitises and streamlines logistics processes by integrating fragmented data, legacy systems, and a diverse network of partners for a highly efficient supply chain.

As a cloud-based platform available globally, Tramés enables 24/7 digital collaboration across an unlimited number of users, companies, and geographies. With advanced features such as visibility, automated spend management, and workflow orchestration, shippers are equipped with in-depth shipment insights to optimise their supply chains with confidence. Book a demo to learn more.