Cotton On Drives Actionable Improvements By
Digitalising Upstream Root Cause Analysis

Deployment Speed
3 months
Upstream Sourcing Freight
Core Features
Real-Time Cargo & Vessel Tracking
Order Level Monitoring
Data Connectivity
Smart Analytics
Founded in 1991, Cotton On Group is Australia's largest global retailer, known for its fashion clothing and stationery brands. Having to manage 8 brands across 1,500 stores in 22 countries, Cotton On has a robust supply chain with comprehensive systems to manage the entire process from source to stores.
Analysing root causes for supply chain failures with minimal change management.
Cotton On Group coordinates thousands of shipments with its network of suppliers every month. This is a complex and challenging process, particularly when it comes to generating in-depth freight analytics and making prompt decision in a fast paced environment. Without the use of technology, this process is resource-intensive, highly prone to errors, and difficult to sustain, given the considerable number of dynamic variables involved in managing a global supply chain.
To achieve this, Cotton On Group needed a solution capable of processing a vast array of data at both shipment and order levels, that is integrated with real-time cargo and vessel tracking data. Leveraging on Tramés visibility solution stack, Cotton On was able to create their own digital freight ecosystem and turn raw data into useful, actionable insights
End-to-End Order Monitoring

By capturing all data sets across orders, shipments, warehouse, suppliers and forwarders, orders are now monitored in granularity when combined with real-time track-and-trace and smart analytics.

Uncover Gaps in Supply Chain

Leakages are identified through root cause analysis and counteractive measures have been taken to improve order fulfilment and shipment lifecycle, and operational processes.

Improve KPIs & Accountability of Suppliers & Forwarder

Regular performance reviews can now be easily conducted with automated performance and benchmarking analysis. It has improved accountability which brought about significant positive impacts such as better on-time fulfilment, faster stock flow and in-market on-time delivery.

Greater Negotiation Power

The company can now make sense of the vast array of data with smart analytics and is equipped with actionable insights to make strategic business decisions. Through this transformational journey, Cotton On now has greater control over their upstream sourcing partners, processes and data.

Prior to implementing Tramés solution, we faced significant challenges in analysing root causes for supply chain failures. Technology has really helped us to define and drive actionable improvements for our customers – through factual data – across suppliers, procurement, logistics and freight forwarding partners
Alice Spagnoli
Origin Logistics Manager, Cotton On Group

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