Goodpack Streamlines Global Freight Management & Operations in 3 Months

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3 months 
Streamline Global Freight Operations & Management
Core Features
Workflow Orchestration
Real-Time Cargo & Vessel Tracking
Smart Analytics
Since 1990, Goodpack has consistently increased its global presence and established itself as a premier partner in delivering container packaging solutions. The company manages the largest movement of metal containers globally - with more than 4.3 million returnable containers, operations in 80 countries and 5000+ delivery and collection locations across the globe.
Global visibility of freight operations
With 22 subsidiaries across 6 continent, Goodpack HQ oversees more than 30 business units and 70 freight booking agents, truckers and carriers. Due to disparate and manual freight management processes, it is a challenge for Goodpack HQ to get real-time and complete overview of its freight operations. The lack of control and visibility brings about issues such as inefficient use of resources, the inability to identify opportunities to optimise, poor process governance and low inventory turnover.
For Goodpack HQ to take control of its global freight operations, the company needed a solution that allows all of its booking agents to use easily. It also must have sophisticated workflow management capabilities – designed specifically for freight operations and integrated with real-time cargo and vessel tracking data. Leveraging on Tramés full solution suite, Goodpack was able to build a digital freight ecosystem of their own to meet their business requirements and logistics complexities.
3 Months Phased Deployment

Goodpack was able to successfully implement a global rollout across 21 subsidiaries in just 9 months with minimal change management needed. This was accomplished through a systematic approach that prioritised people and processes before technology, and leveraging on Tramés highly configurable and cloud-based solution tools. Design workshops, user acceptance testing, and comprehensive training were also key elements of this successful deployment.

Process Governance, Automation & Efficiency Through Digital SOPs

Goodpack leverage Tramés to digitalise end-to-end standard operating procedures (SOPs) and optimised it with automated email notifications. This guarantees that all essential information and documents, with proper version control, are consistently available, promoting process governance and simplifying audits.

Goodpack was able to standardise global workflows while still accommodating local requirements by utilising comprehensive workflow tools. They also integrated the document approval process into their workflows, which facilitated seamless document governance.

Layered with automated track-and-trace capabilities, the entire ecosystem saves time in tracking and managing shipments from end-to-end. Real-time updates, including first and last mile data, which are made readily available led to improved freight management and significant time savings.

Global Visibility of End-to-End Freight Operations

Goodpack's headquarters now has a comprehensive real-time overview of its global operations and shipments, simplifying management without the need to compile and consolidate reports across regions. This is made possible as all key stakeholders provide information directly on the platform as part of their day-to-day operations.

Improve KPIs & Accountability of Vendors

Automated performance and benchmarking analysis have made regular performance reviews easier to conduct. This has resulted in improved accountability, leading to significant positive impacts such as better on-time delivery and inventory management.

Uncover Gaps and Gain Negotiation Power through Analytics

By leveraging smart analytics, Goodpack was able to identify supply chain leakages and implement measures to improve shipment lifecycle and operational processes. With a better understanding of the vast array of data, actionable insights are now available for strategic decision-making. This transformational journey has enabled Goodpack to have greater control over their global operations, partners and data.

It was an easy decision to go global with Tramés Freight Booking Visibility Solution after the pilot deployment in 2 zones. The configurability of the solution facilitates adaptability to various local workflows, and their agility is making the digital transformation journey so easy and quick for us.
Shawn Chew
Director Global Procurement

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Tramés is a comprehensive logistics management solution designed to give shippers complete control and visibility over their freight transport operations. Our agnostic platform digitises and streamlines logistics processes by integrating fragmented data, legacy systems, and a diverse network of partners for a highly efficient supply chain.

As a cloud-based platform available globally, Tramés enables 24/7 digital collaboration across an unlimited number of users, companies, and geographies. With advanced features such as visibility, automated spend management, and workflow orchestration, shippers are equipped with in-depth shipment insights to optimise their supply chains with confidence. Book a demo to learn more.