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Secretlab’s Digital Transport Control Tower

April 15, 2024
SINGAPORE, 6 Apr 2024 - Established in 2014, Secretlab has rapidly emerged as an international ergonomic furniture specialist brand with over 3 million users worldwide. Headquartered in Singapore, the company has expanded its operations to cater to a global customer base. With a strong emphasis on quality and ergonomics, Secretlab's chairs have garnered immense popularity among both gamers and professionals, solidifying themselves as leaders in modern ergonomics.

As a high-growth company serving customers worldwide, the timely delivery of products is a critical element to support in their sales & marketing campaigns, distribution, and ultimately brand reputation. Given the intricate nature of global supply chains and the challenges behind real-time shipment monitoring, Secretlab needed a smart solution to navigate between time-consuming, error-prone tasks of manual shipment monitoring.

Technology held promise in streamlining their operations, but the data quality from some larger brands was subpar, hindering the achievement of accurate real-time visibility (RTV). Consequently, Secretlab had to allocate considerable resources to manually collect and consolidate data from various partners and online sources, an unsustainable approach in the long run.

To bridge the gap between manual labour and unreliable data, Secretlab embarked on a transformative journey towards data-driven logistics management – starting its collaboration with Tramés from as far back as Dec 2021. Two years down the road, Secretlab has now established end-to-end international supplier; hub; forwarder; and consignee transport management capabilities, fully leveraging technology and seamless data integration.

Industry-Best Real-Time Visibility Data
Secretlab required very high shipment-visibility standards, and pushed Tramés hard to achieve those goals in the early stages. Through joint effort and great collaboration, the partnership achieved an unprecedented level of data accuracy, setting a new baseline for Tramés. This level of accuracy has been consistently maintained, both in granularity and coverage, across all major air, ocean and parcel carriers and trans-shipment points.

Seamless Connectivity with Any and All Forwarders
The ability to connect digitally across Secretlab’s entire forwarder base has been a key driver of efficiency and effectiveness in their logistics and supply chain operations. This capability not only streamlines freight management processes but also plays a pivotal role in reducing turnaround times and breaking information silos.

Shipment Monitoring and Workflow Orchestration
Additional tools and features provided by the Tramés platform complement connectivity. These tools serve as indispensable assets in enhancing overall operational efficiency. Tramés helps to monitor shipment progress in real-time; facilitate the transmission of shipping documents; and drive improved/efficient coordination between various stakeholders - all automated, thanks to integration and technology. This simplifies the complexities of managing a global logistics network and unlocks significant potential for operational improvements.

Digital Freight Audit: The Final Piece of the Puzzle
With all of its forwarders on a single platform, Secretlab utilises Tramés to digitise contract rates and digitalize freight spend management. The platform dynamically manages the evolution of contracted freight rates, and then automates the process of verifying and validating invoices, thus eliminating the requirement for manual invoice reviews. This simplifies their freight audit process and empowers Secretlab with real-time insights, enabling proactive cost management.

The Simplest Way to Data Aggregation in Supply Chain
Well aware of the power of effectively leveraging data, Secretlab’s strategy of piping all of Tramés back to their central data warehouse is brilliant in creating a complete end-to-end supply chain data pipieline. This provides them with comprehensive control over data and processes, streamlining their operations for improved decision-making, enhanced performance, and a competitive edge in the industry.

Ivan Seow, Co-Founder and CSCO of Tramés said, “We’re really grateful and honoured to be partnered with Secretlab. Our mantra has always been ‘Grow with Customers’ and thanks to this collaboration, many features of our Digital Control Tower service have been reinforced."

"We need a solution to ensure that our products reach our global customers in a timely, efficient manner. The digital twin that Tramés has created helps us achieve that by encompassing workflows & collaboration and freight rate administration with our forwarders." said Fabian Cheong, Head of Freight (Global Ops) at Secretlab.

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