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The 3-Week Deployment Challenge: How Danone AMEA Rewrote the Rules of Upstream Visibility

March 20, 2024
SINGAPORE, 18 Mar 2024 – Upstream Flows feed factories with raw material supplies, and are an integral part in every supply chain. The majority of purchases are typically done on Landed Cost basis via “C” or “D” incoterms, which involve suppliers booking and controlling inbound freight.

Danone AMEA’s challenge in this case was that incoming shipments of raw material were not apparent until respective Notice of Arrivals were provided by the Suppliers’ Forwarders. Very often these were not made available, but even in the event they were, it would already be too late to make any necessary adjustments to production processes and schedules.

The engagement was primarily to render Upstream Visibility to Danone Factories way earlier – across a network of 60 (and increasing) suppliers – enabling both Order- and Shipment-level Visibility at the point of Shipment Creation (as opposed to “Near Destination Port”). Predictive ETAs are a critical component of these capabilities, taking into consideration all important data points (Dynamic Vessel Positions, Port Congestion, Berth Dwell Time, Weather Impact, Historical Lead-times etc) blended together as one of our AI offerings.

Ivan Seow, Co-Founder and CSCO of Tramés said, “What we are most proud of is the fact that Danone AMEA’s Upstream RTTV Solution was enabled, deployed and onboarded within 3 weeks, exceeding stakeholders expectations. As a result, this digital freight ecosystem is now gradually expanding across regions and trade-flows (Upstream India, Downstream Middle East etc.). The team is really excited by how this partnership is growing organically, which is a testament of Tramés data management and shipment tracking capabilities.”

Additionally, "The deployment of Real-Time Visibility capabilities in isolation is insufficient to provide adequate value to corporates. Tramés layers all key data sets together, and partners our customers to create customized analytics to render exception management dashboards. These include Aging Orders not Shipped; Sourcing Lead-times across all Trade-lanes; Suppliers utilising Transhipments; Transport Carbon Emissions per Trade-lane.".

“Logisticians don’t have time to track everything. We just want to worry about and proactively fix the exceptions.”

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