Chemicals Manufacturer Automates Shipment Analytics and Visibility

Global Chemicals Manufacturer
Deployment Speed
2 months
Global Operations Analytics & Forwarder Management
Core Features
Real-Time Cargo & Vessel Tracking
Order Level Monitoring
Spend Management
Data Connectivity
Smart Analytics
The company is a global chemical manufacturer headquartered in Japan. With its expansive global supply chain, the company has established a strong presence both domestically and internationally.
With its extensive network of forwarders for global freight operations, the difficulty lies in coordinating and managing shipments across regions in order to generate real-time analytics and maintain a complete overview of shipments, data, and documents.
The volume of incoming fragmented updates from various forwarders hinders the company's ability to stay ahead of shipments and provide accurate reports to the sales team. This fragmented data causes inefficiencies, delays, and a lack of visibility to internal stakeholders (ie. Sales), which ultimately impacts the company's overall operational performance and customer satisfaction.
The company needed a platform to consolidate and analyse data from multiple sources in real-time. This data then needs to be integrated with real-time cargo and vessel tracking data in order to optimise freight operations, and provide timely and accurate reporting to stakeholders.
Zero Change Management

The existing processes remain largely unchanged with the difference being that forwarders now upload shipment status Excel files to the Tramés platform instead of sharing them via email.

Transhipment Port Visibility

Enhanced end-to-end visibility, particularly at transhipment ports enables proactive monitoring of shipments and delay mitigation, while optimising logistics operations and improving customer satisfaction.

No More Files Consolidation

The need for file consolidation is completely eliminated. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and simplifies the data sharing process for all stakeholders involved.

Automatic Report Generation

The company now has access to dashboards, charts and reports that are automatically generated and continuously updated in real-time. This eliminates the need for manual report generation and tracking of shipment progress, and equips the company with valuable insights to make better strategic decisions.

Central Source of Data & Documents

A centralised approach ensures easy retrieval of critical documents, and enhances overall data management efficiency when a comprehensive and organised record of all shipment-related information is maintained.

Spend Management at Order Level

By implementing spend management practices at the order level, the company now has granular visibility and control over expenses, allowing for effective cost monitoring, budget allocation, and optimisation of procurement processes.

With Tramés, we created a digital twin of our freight operations in a phased approach and saw the benefits from the get-go! Simply by consolidating our data on the platform, and leveraging on Tramés tracking data, we now have granular overview of our shipments and can easily manage it with real-time and automated analytics.
Global Chemicals Manufacturer
Headquartered in Japan

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Tramés is a comprehensive logistics management solution designed to give shippers complete control and visibility over their freight transport operations. Our agnostic platform digitises and streamlines logistics processes by integrating fragmented data, legacy systems, and a diverse network of partners for a highly efficient supply chain.

As a cloud-based platform available globally, Tramés enables 24/7 digital collaboration across an unlimited number of users, companies, and geographies. With advanced features such as visibility, automated spend management, and workflow orchestration, shippers are equipped with in-depth shipment insights to optimise their supply chains with confidence. Book a demo to learn more.